Mold Removal & Remediation

When your property is showing signs of visible mold, or your tenants are concerned about indoor air quality issues, it is very important to address this issue promptly and responsibly.

AM/PM Restoration Services, LLC is an experienced, insured and IICRC certified mold abatement contractor. We will protect your property and it’s occupants through the use of engineering controls and HEPA air filtration; and, our methodologies are always in compliance with industry guidelines:

Our certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the affected areas; provide a scope of work and a fair estimate for the remediation of the damage.

Once hired, we will contain the affected areas, set up a negative air system, remove all contaminated structural materials, and perform a detailed cleaning of all affected areas.

Once the remediation is complete and prior to reconstruction, industry guidelines recommend that the sanitary condition of the structure be confirmed and documented by a qualified third party evaluator. The investigation is called “Closure Testing”, or “Clearance Testing”.

Closure testing is performed inside the containment as well as outdoors. The samples are then sent to a third-party laboratory to be analyzed and a report is generated with the laboratory findings. This is the documentation you will need to show that the mold has been removed effectively and the indoor air quality in the effected areas has been restored.

Closure testing will verify there is no dust or debris in the work area, no visible mold, no remaining wet materials and if the indoor air is balanced compared with the air outside.

We believe strongly in using a third-party hygienist and laboratory. This helps avoid conflict of interest between the party performing the mold abatement and the party confirming that the affected areas have been abated properly.

Once clearance results have been achieved, our reconstruction division will provide you with a detailed estimate and working schedule for the repairs. Our crews will work diligently to ensure that your property is restored to its pre-loss condition

Visit our FAQ to learn more about mold and indoor air quality.

If you are interested in scheduling a mold inspection, call our office at 602-862-9307.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"My company has been working with AMPM Restoration for over 13 years. Our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. AMPM has always followed through on their promises. I have witnessed first hand how AMPM Restoration treats their costumers. They truly care for their customers and provide an excellent service. We have had an excellent working relationship and hope to continue for many years to come."
Brian Olsen
From Phoenix, AZ
"Coming home to a pipe burst and a large water leak after a long day was very frustrating. The water leak had damaged my wood floors and all the drywall in the area. I used AM/PM Restoration Services to get my house back to its original condition. They were extremely helpful and attentive from beginning to end. All their staff was very pleasant to work with and they got the job done quickly and affordably.."
Dan Shtutman
From Phoenix, AZ
"After surveying a half dozen recovery services to address water and mold damage due to a faulty water heater. I decided to go with AM/PM Restoration. They were prompt to inspect the site and provide a competitive estimate. They communicated well, outlined the process, started on time, and completed the job quickly. They were also willing to work with my special requests. They followed up in the days afterwards to make sure everything was satisfactory. In summary, would use them again for damage recovery (though I hope this is not for a long time!)."
Jan Hoppers
From Phoenix, AZ
"We had a valve break in our bathroom. Waking up to 5” of water. I called AMPM and they were right there. They came in and knew just what to do. We didn’t have to worry about anything they handled I️t from beginning to end. They helped with assisting us with our insurance company and took lots of photos. Their technicians were very knowledgeable , respectful, and understanding. This is huge when your world has been turned upside down. Thanks Guys"
Tanya Ives
From Phoenix, AZ